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frequently asked questions

Operations are the glue that holds the people, processes, and systems together in a business. 

Simply put, Operations are the back-end activities in a business. The day-to-day activities that are important and necessary but are often overwhelming or time-consuming. When done properly, Operations allow the company to be more profitable and efficient. 

Operations include Team Management or Human Resources, Customer Service, Finance, Project Management, Processes, Systems, and Administration.

An OBM is responsible for managing the daily operations and people who support businesses. 

The focus of the OBM is management. An OBM is responsible for ensuring that tasks and projects are completed timely, and systems are running smoothly and efficiently.

OBMs are managers. They strategize and then assign tasks to the team for implementation. VAs are implementers who carry out the tasks, usually with detailed instructions. 

OBMs are responsible for the daily operations of the entire business or project. VAs are responsible for only their work or tasks. 

OBMs lead teams which often include a VA. VAs are team members. 

OBMs work with the business owner to discuss strategy and priorities. VAs get things done without control over workflow or priorities.

A system is an automated process that addresses an issue within your business. 

Systems allow you to work smarter, not harder. Systems improve productivity and save time and money through efficiency. 

With solid systems in place, the daily activities run more smoothly. This allows you, as the business owner, to focus on visionary and revenue-generating activities that bring more value to your company.

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