Hey, I'm Keisha Barnes! Your Operations Business Manager

    Hi! I’m Keisha – the person who will ground you in reality, tell you like it is, and offer & provide you the solutions that will help you move forward in your business…So you can create a life of freedom, flexibility, and profitability.

    I’m not only a reliable problem-solver and confidant…I’m also a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and lover of travel & history.Planning, processes, and Hamilton the musical  give me all.the.feels.And I am driven to encourage others around me…

    Keisha Renee, LLC was founded on the belief that we can control our destiny and create a life of freedom and flexibility.

As a visionary – you believe this too. It’s why you have chosen business ownership as a way of life. You are often led by the dreams and goals that fuel your passions.

But, you often lack the time, foundational systems, and management skills required to scale and move your business forward…making you feel stuck and frustrated.

    As an Operations & Business Manager, my goal is to offer you solutions for your business systems, operations, and team management.

So you can feel more at ease about your future, team, & business with the right support.

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Keisha Renee, LLC has become the go-to Strategic Partner and Operations Manager for successful, sustainable, and aligned business growth. 


Small businesses owners and medium-sized organizations have benefited from the strategic alliance that has allowed them to focus on their core business activities. 

 So owners can focus on their Zone of Genius and pursue the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. 


Keisha Renee, LLC leads your business and team with:

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Focus & Detail
  • Collaboration mindset
  • Team building & empowerment
  • Encouragement



Keisha Renee, LLC exists to provide business management and consulting services for small business and medium-sized organizations. 

So they can:

  • Develop their business
  • Delegate projects and manage their resources 
  • Leverage their time – for sustainable growth, increased profitability, and freedom

Are you Ready to Leverage Your Time, While building Your Business?

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