5 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Consultant

Are you curious if a Consultant may be a better option for you?

Last week, I listed 5 Reasons Why You May Need to Hire an Online Business Manager. To reiterate, they were:

1. Your business is growing while your own free-time is shrinking.

2. You are having to turn away opportunities because you are so busy!

3. You are still doing the same things you were doing when you started your business.

4. You have a great team, but find yourself frustrated by them always ‘bugging’ you.

5. You are stuck at $X revenue and can’t seem to get past that point!

Now I will list 5 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Business Consultant. Are you ready? Drumroll please….

Tah-dah!! They are the same five reasons!

So you may be asking yourself why should I work with a Consultant vs. hiring an Online Business Manager (OBM)

A high-level strategic partner who provides guidance and knowledge

In both, you can gain a partner who will help your business grow.

An OBM can help by managing the business for YOU, the CEO and business owner. The focus of the OBM is to free up time for the business owner so that they can do the things that only a business owner or CEO can do. The OBM manages the day-to-day tasks, processes, delegations, and team members. The OBM is more like the right-hand partner to the business owner and spends more time creating, managing, and implementing in the business. As such, this usually requires a greater financial investment.

When you work with a Consultant, you’re a hands-on CEO or entrepreneur who is not quite ready for an OBM. While you will still gain a high-level partner, you as the business owner, will continue to run your business with the strategic guidance and knowledge of a Consultant. The Consultant is your Strategic Advisor.

Consultants provide the tools

With a consultant, you are provided the tools that can support you in moving forward and executing. As this article in Forbes puts it, say you’re learning how to ride a bicycle. A consultant would ride the bicycle for a while and write you a “how to” manual. Hire a consultant when you need an expert who can teach you a process or method. 

The Consultant is your short-cut

The Consultant will help resolve particular business challenges and issues. Many times, those issues can be resolved with creating a team or adding a team member. However, business owners often make this decision too late or decide they need one position when they need another. A Consultant can help alleviate this chaos by strategizing with the business owner to figure out the goals and direction of the company.

Think of the Consultant as your short-cut.

As an expert, the Consultant provides solutions and clarity

The consultant is usually an expert on a subject who provides advice based on their understanding, knowledge, and experience. They are there to provide the “right” answers for you based on their analysis of the situation. They ask the right questions to give you the answer. They strategize and make recommendations based on what they believe is best. By focusing on the problem or subject matter, the consultant generally produces short-term answers to specific issues. The consultant provides solutions and clarity. 

Better financial fit

And if you’re not ready to invest in an OBM, working with a Consultant may be a better solution since it may not require an investment as large as retaining an OBM. You still, however, will gain a partner who is able to work with you to provide clarity and solutions to grow your business.

So what do you think? Wondering if you’re ready for an Online Business Manager? Or are you curious if a Consultant may be a perfect option for you and your business? Click HERE to review my offerings. Then book a discovery call via this LINK and let’s talk over coffee (or whatever your preference) about your options. The call is free, the choices are few, but the knowledge gained is PRICELESS!