Income Tax Preparation

Having over 25 years of experience, my goal is to ensure that my clients are satisfied and relieved during the tax preparation process. I am available to assist you with filing an accurate tax return every year! Of course, you can process and file your own tax return, however do you have the time to process your return? Did you know there are three sections to every tax return (The income section, deductions, and tax credits)? Will you know every deduction or credit you may be entitled to? Seeking professional help can be imperative but easy. Here are the top 10 reasons for taxpayer pains (Peoples Income Tax, Inc 2017 {The Income Tax School}):

  1. Do you understand the new tax laws and how they will affect you?
  2. Preparing tax returns can be very frustrating and confusing!
  3. Finding capable, knowledgeable, and experienced tax professional help.
  4. Paying high tax preparation fees
  5. Poor tax preparation service
  6. Preparing dependent children’s tax returns
  7. Negative tax consequences of financial decisions
  8. Not knowing if your tax return was prepared correctly.
  9. Receiving a letter from the IRS.
  10. Paying taxes

I CAN HELP YOU! My company is a virtual office, so I can assist you at your convenience anytime, anywhere. I am dedicated to ensuring that your tax returns are processed accurately and quickly. Confidentiality of your information is crucial and essential, and my clients can be assured that my company will provide safe and secure methods of recording and transmitting your tax returns.

Update: I am pleased and honored to announce a partnership with Faith Accounting & Consulting Services which allow Keisha Renee Virtual Solutions to offer more enhancements for income tax preparation services. Starting January 2, 2019, we have the ability to offer early advances on tax refunds for the 2019 tax season. Accounting and bookkeeping services are also available. Please schedule an appointment below.

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