2022 Business Processes & Plans – Day 5

It’s time for another recap of the previous four days.


Day 1: FINANCIAL ORGANIZATION & BOOKKEEPING – Organizing and streamlining the financial record keeping can help you analyze, strategize, scale, and grow your business.

Day 2: AUTOMATE WITH SYSTEMSAutomating with systems streamlines the daily functions of your business and allows it to scale & grow. Automation just allows you to reallocate your time and focus on what you feel matters more.

Day 3: CREATING WORKFLOWS – Choosing the proper workflow and systems for your business can allow you to have the time to focus on your craft, while generating revenue for your business.

Day 4: TIPS FOR GOAL SETTING – Make time to set your goals. The key is to be strategic and take small steps to ensure you are always working on your goals.

Now I would like to share with you about one of my favorite topics and tools: BOUNDARIES!

Intentionally taking time off to relax and regroup is a tool every entrepreneur needs to have in their toolkit. But this is necessary…very necessary! Doing can impact your mindset, performance, skills, and efficiency.  Rest and relaxation can enhance your ability to be more authentic, and drive better results in your business. Most people exhibit strenuous behaviors like overworking themselves, which can lead to a burnout. Setting relaxation time is just as important as finding that new client. The inability to rest and relax often stems from the lack of boundaries you’ve allowed. Boundaries are tricky. And sometimes, it can be scary. You may think that placing boundaries will offend others but having healthy boundaries can be very productive. Let’s explore some ways to have healthy boundaries and communicate them.



Make a list of things that are important to you and that you wish to no longer do. It could be something as simple as spending time with family or going out with friends. Many entrepreneurs often say they spend more time working their business than they did working on a job.  Anything that makes you uncomfortable is probably a boundary for you. List those things then eliminate the uncomfortability by creating boundaries to address them.



Have you ever walked into a busy doctor office for a same day appointment? No, they would have to fit you into their schedule to see you. You have to use the same attitude when it comes to your business. Your clients will respect your schedule based on their needs. The truth is that the most successful people have boundaries. Saying “no” and enforcing boundaries will show how valuable you are. It shows your time comes at a premium. This is not to say play games and pretend you’re unavailable. But as my business coach has often said, create more white space on your calendar. This gives you time to do work no one else can and allows for time to do the things that you WANT to do. Don’t feel ashamed of placing boundaries with your clients because it only shows that you are confident in your worth.



Setting healthy boundaries can sometimes be difficult. Many times you are people-pleasing or fear offending a client. You have to start somewhere. Schedule your office hours. Block off time on your calendar. Set screen limits on your cell phone. Schedule ‘Do Not Disturb’ hours on your phone. Schedule family and meal times. Do these until it becomes second nature. It gets easier with repetition. Ask yourself if the situation is urgent or if it can wait.



Do you have to have strict boundaries? Of course not! As my coach says, “you’re the boss of your life.” Being flexible sometimes is necessary. However, try to ensure these are one-off situations where boundaries can be easily reinforced. Always revisit, reevaluate and reinforce. And again, repetitive actions become habits. So keep reminding yourself that your well being comes first.


Practice setting boundaries. Honor them. Revisit then reevaluate, then reinforce your boundaries. In this case, done is better than none – even if it’s just one.

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