2022 Business Processes & Plans – Day 4

 Lets review tips from the past three posts.

Day 1: FINANCIAL ORGANIZATION & BOOKKEEPING – Organizing and streamlining the financial record keeping can help you analyze, strategize, scale, and grow your business.


Day 2: AUTOMATE WITH SYSTEMSAutomating with systems streamlines the daily functions of your business and allows it to scale & grow. Automation just allows you to reallocate your time and focus on what you feel matters more.

Day 3: CREATING WORKFLOWS – Choosing the proper workflow and systems for your business can allow you to have the time to focus on your craft, while generating revenue for your business.

So, for the fourth post, let’s focus on Goal Setting.

In this New Year, we are completing goals. We have to be done with procrastination and staying in our heads. We need to rise above those pesky little nasty habits and get to work! The fastest and most efficient way to complete goals is just by taking the time to set them. Even if you only have a couple hours a week to dedicate to your goals, I promise you will see results! Happy results! The key to this is taking small steps to ensure you are always working on your goals. The time is now. Do not go another year living in your head and wasting time wishing. Here are some helpful tips for setting goals that will ensure you stay on track.


It’s important that you be honest with yourself and be specific about your desired results. Picture what the goal looks like when you’re finished. Entrepreneurs usually want to increase revenue each  year. As an example, you can set a goal that you want your business to increase revenue by 20%.


After you’ve become acquainted with whatever your goals are, now focus on what’s needed to accomplish them. This is Strategy. You will start with the end in mind and break each goal into smaller steps. The big picture will begin to form. These are good questions to ask yourself:

  1. How long would it take to complete this task?

  2. How will I accomplish this process?

  3. How do I measure my success?

  4. What does progress look like?

Finding a way to measure your progress can help you understand if the work you are putting into your task is beneficial in obtaining your goal. You can control how many times you advertise or market your service, but can you control the number of inquiries you receive? Gather the data and map out a plan to determine what action you can complete daily or weekly to get you closer to your goal.


This is the biggest step in this process. It’s imperative that you commit to your goal and put in the work! All your planning will be wasted if you don’t take action. Stick to your plan. Create systems and processes. Design a workflow. Set a reminder. Schedule time for yourself. Do it however it works for you, just do it!

Set goals. Be specific about your goals. Break them into smaller steps. Ask yourself clarifying questions. Commit to working your plan. Track your progress. Now turn around and list what has been accomplished! By the end of 2022, it will be more than you think.

As always, I’m here to help you take the next step in your business journey and it all starts with strategy. Because it’s a new year, mention code PCM to receive 22% off when you schedule a  Strategic Planning session with me. Click HERE to book your session today. In the meantime, for Strategic Success: Plan, Consult, & Manage!


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